Every business owner needs a CEO Day.  It’s a commitment to work on your business and time to stay in alignment with your mission, vision, values, and goals.  

One day - even just part of a day - focused on your business makes sure you are staying on top of the tasks it takes to run a successful business.

A CEO Day is used for three things: tracking, planning, updating, and creating.

Ready to get started?

Meet Amber (from You Need An Amber)

I’m Amber - that's me in the picture!

I’m your systems-loving, go-to girl to make your business run more smoothly.  

Our lives (and our businesses!) are much more smoothly when we do the things we’re good at.  Are feel more alive…more creative…and like we can conquer the world.  
When we are doing things we aren’t good at – or frankly, the tasks we hate – it shows.  We are unmotivated and discouraged.
Do you really want to run your business that way?
I didn’t think so. 

I'm here to help.

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